Pick me up box: Great for anxiety, low moods, depression etc

I tend to stay away from the topic of mental health bar the few post shares on facebook and the odd post because I get anxious (ironically) that it will upset my family or give people the wrong impression of me! However, if I can share a few tips and tricks here and there and keep the conversation going about mental health I feel like I'm 'doing my bit' as it were. I find reading other people's tips and tricks really useful so it's only fair that I share my own.

Okay now that little disclaimer is out of the way I can now get on with telling you about my "Pick Me Up Box"...

Note: If anyone can think of a better name for this please let me know, but for now this is what I shall call it!

Basically my Pick Me Up Box is just box that I filled with treats and 'pick me ups' for days when I'm not feeling too great! You simply just grab any box (shoe boxes work fab for this) and fill it with whatever makes you feel great!  I was lucky enough to attend the HBAlporto Hull Bloggers Summer Meet this year so I had a lot of samples and products lying around however anyone could still fill a box with things they love and consider a treat - it does not have to be expensive!

First up if I'm feeling a bit crap, I do what probably 90% of the British population do and put the kettle on! I'm not gonna lie I live for traditional English Tea or

"tea tea"

as I like to call it and nothing yet has been able to replace it! However I definitely want to try this

Dragonfly Moroccan Mint Organic Green Tea


Rooibos Detox Tick Tock Restore and Renew Tea

next time I'm feeling stressed.

If tea wont cut it though and you need something stronger, like chocolate,

Sweet Freedom's Choc Shot

offer a healthier way to indulge! With only 14 calories per teaspoon (although you do need 3-4 tsp per cup) you can have yourself a GM, gluten free and vegan friendly mug of hot chocolate! I always keep some form of chocolate in this box because CHOCOLATE y'ano - this little life saver is from


My next tip for improving your mood is to pamper yourself; paint your nails, pop on a face mask and slap some of your favourite body lotion on! I filled this box with some of my favourites like my

Body Shop's Sweet

Lemon Body Butter


Barry M

Nail Paint

along with products that I want to try or I'm saving!


products are perfect for this because, I dont know about you but I always try and savour my Lush products because they are such a treat to use! Here I have

Granny Takes a Dip


ubble bar,


hot oil treatment


Dont Look at Me

face mask!

I've also popped in some


samples I was kindly given as with names like

Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk


Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion

they seemed appropriate to use when feeling shit!

Because I live away from home the first thing I crave when I'm feeling down is my family! I obviously cant put them in a box so I settled for some of my favourite photos of family, friends and happy moments in my life! If I sit down and have a look through them they always make me smile and realise what a great support unit I have! I also think it would be great to add other happy memories, inspiring quotes or a notebook full of your achievements but I've not got round to that yet!

Lastly is a touch of aroma therapy.


are obviously one of the best candle and fragrance makers ever so I was stoked for

A Childs Wish

votive to be included in the goodie bags at HBAlPorto. I burn candles most days to help me relax and focus on work but love saving Yankees for when I'm not feeling that great!

Hope this little tip helped some of you! What would you put in your box? Have you got any tips for quick pick me ups on bad days?

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