How To Plan Your Time Effectively as a Student


Student life is busy. You're juggling a degree with all these other things; possibly a part-time job or volunteering in a society or team as well as needing time for a social life and your own health. It can be tough. I sometimes find it hard to focus on my day when I have so much on my mind and I find that planning my day out, either the night before or in the morning with my cup of coffee, helps

a lot

Here are my top tips for planning your day as a student and I also 

made some

cute printable daily planners

to help you out too. It's my first time sharing anything like this on my blog so if you have any feedback please let me know in the comments.


Setting mini goals for the day makes the never ending pile of work seem less daunting. On the planning sheets, I put together I've put 3 down as that's usually how many I can think of. Of course, you could just put the one down if you like. The key to setting goals (especially daily ones) is to keep them achievable - what do they say...Rome wasn't built in a day?


Breaking down your day allows me to see how much time I actually have. Lectures often take up most of your time at University and although they're useful and the main reason you're paying £9000, I often feel like my whole day is taken up by a two-hour lecture. This, of course, isn't the case, and when I visualise the number of hours in my day I seem to get a lot more work done. That hour you have free between lectures? Fill it with a short library session rather than loitering outside the lecture hall. 


Doing a degree means lots and lots of tasks that seem to pile up very quickly. Reading, research, seminar preparation, revision, dissertation, presentation and group work is all part of the fun! Although it's


liché, w

riting down and ticking off each task when it's completed really helps me to keep track. 


Back in Secondary school when planners were free, my teachers would always force us to write down our homework. It seems that I forgot this little trick when I walked out of the school gate but it's something that I'm going to get back in the routine of doing. I even added little 'due date' and 'completed' sections for y'all. 


This is definitely something I am trying to improve on. I drink


of tea and coffee but it doesn't really hydrate you that well. Drinking water is famous for improving brain power and it's just good for you isn't it? Always take a bottle of the stuff with you to the library! As for exercise, I know, I know, it's so hard to keep up when you're in deep with revision and all you want to do is polish off that packet of Rich Tea. BUT taking time out to exercise is proven to make your brain more productive - even if it's just a brisk walk to the library!

Hope these tips helped and feel free to download and print my

free printable planners