Keeping It Casual With H&M


Sometimes wearing cinched in the middle dresses and vintage inspired cuts just isn’t feasible, especially during the summer or for more casual occasions. I’ve always loved H&M, and if I’m not wearing a cute 50's dress, I’m usually in something from the Swedish high street chain. Here is an example of one of my more ‘dressed-down’ 



I have a few pairs of these loose fitting jersey trousers now and have been loving them on warmer days where I want to opt for something a little more relaxed. They’re basically my answer to joggers, as I always like to stay a bit smart even if I’m just nipping to the shops. Here I have paired the patterned pants with a cold shoulder jumper, also from H&M. However I have also sported t-shirts and vest tops with the comfortable leg wear.

They’re elasticated waist has been a godsend for me whilst battling post-graduate weight and adjusting to a new work/life balance after leaving the student bubble. Meanwhile, the relaxed fit on the leg makes them cool enough for summer days without me having to resort to shorts.

I think they’ll be ideal for the transition between summer and autumn, a time of year I always look forward to. I’m a sucker for over-sized jumpers and scarves! In the meantime, however, I have paired this outfit with some cat-eye sunnies, ballet shoes and my thin lines flat orb necklace from Vivienne Westwood.

What's your go-to high street chain? Let me know in the comments below!