Congrats You've Made It To Adulthood


If you didn’t know already, exactly a month ago I turned 21; the big two-one, the key to the door. I’m not quite sure what door that is all I know is that I currently have 2 front doors, neither of which properly work – but hey, they’re my doors and I work to pay rent for them. Anyway, I thought I’d do a little bit of a birthday haul because I really love photographing pretty things and all the things I received were pretty. I don’t want to brag in anyway, just show you what lovely things my family and friends gifted me in exchange for me being alive for 21 years. I did receive a few more lovely bits than what is in the photos, but didn't have a chance to capture them.

Rose gold


 bees, what's not to love?

M y VW collection grows...

Getting prepared for the colder months...

Gorgeous stationary, my favourite!

A selection of my favourite things in life - from mum.

A vintage edition of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and a mini 100th anniversary teddy. Context: I've had a Peter Rabbit teddy since I was born 21 years ago.