Incoherent thoughts for 2017

I think we can all agree that 2016 was rough. 

Personally, I guess this year has been pretty great for me. I graduated with a first class degree in History and landed myself a job doing what I love. I guess it would sound silly and perhaps a bit selfish to say that I still felt rubbish going into the new year. But I honestly sat on the sofa, watching the fireworks with a knot in my stomach. And it's one that has been there for a while. 

I have a lot of anxiety about the future of the world, as well as a dismal outlook for my own future and I'm really not sure why. Is anyone else feeling like this? Is your 20s meant to be like this? 

Perhaps it's down to digital media... 

Now, I love social media and the power it gives people to share and discuss their ideas. However, lately I have been taking a bit of a step-back (bar using it for work) because I really don't think they're helping the situation 

I guess that when it pops up on my news feed that my friends are all living with their partners, doing masters degrees, going travelling or just generally doing nice thins with their friends and family, I feel a bit left behind. 

It's the same with the blogging world. I love to see what other bloggers are up to and I am so proud of my online friends for achieving so much. But there's a little voice inside my head that nags at me, telling me that I am not good enough. I have all these ideas and dreams but none of them seem to be getting achieved or even started on at the moment.

In the meantime, all we hear about on Twitter and Facebook is doom and gloom for the future; terrorist attacks, shitty politicians and just other general bad stuff. 

For 2017 I'm hoping I'll get out of this rut and have a more positive outlook. It's true, I have a fantastic job incorporating many of the things I love. I have great friends and family. But at the moment I feel like my life is on pause. Let's hope 2017 will allow me to press play on my life again.