A Jittery January: YouTube, Pom Poms and Getting Fit

WILDLIFe (1).png

WILDLIFe (1).png

January has had it's ups and downs. Whilst I've had moments when I just want to throw in the towel and hide under my bed, I've also had many great days too. 

January started off pretty well. I wrote about how I get motivated by working from home, as well as updating an old post I'd written in 2015 about January blues. I also began my first series: For The Love of Vintage, in which I interview retro-loving bloggers each month about their passion for the past.



The past few weeks I have been a bit on and off with my blog and social media. This is because I've been extremely busy with work and life.

I began to think about my health and wellbeing a hell of a lot more. It's time to start putting myself and my body first, rather than putting it under strain and feeling ill. I'm getting stronger physically by the day and it feels absolutely great.


I've also purposely taken time out to relax. And this is possibly one reason I haven't been online as much. If you don't know already, my day job is writing online content and managing social media, so often I finish a day's work and won't want to write more posts for this blog.

In saying that, I have a lot of plans for Retro and Thrift and want to continue growing and doing what I love. Just bare with me if I'm quiet for a few weeks. Sometimes, instead of chilling out in front of the same screen that I have been staring at all day, you'll find me making cute garlands and pom pom accessories for my Etsy shop.


A bit of contradiction is that I am taking more and more work on each week, so the past week I haven't been able to stop to even have a proper lunch. Hence why I'm labelling January as jittery.

I've also begun working on a video project with a colleague, called The Full Hullish Breakfast. Each week, she interviews someone from Hull over breakfast in a local cafe. I film and edit and do a little bit of social media. If you're interested, our pilot episode is already up on YouTube and our first episode will be published on Saturday 4 February at 10:00am.


I'd appreciate it if you gave us some support on social media too, we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as @TheFullHullish.

So, this was a little ramble and brain splurge to how my January has been. I just thought it'd be nice to wind down over a cuppa and digest the month. Let's hope February is a little bit more consistent and less chaotic.