Lush New Shampoo Bar Review


Switching from a regular bottled shampoo to a solid bar was, at first, a little weird. Gone are the days of squeezing a huge blob of goo into my palm and massaging it through my roots and ends. But, it does mean that I'm chucking away less plastic and saving money in the long run.

Lush New Shampoo Bar Review

Lush New Shampoo Bar Review

...and the shampoo is pretty good too, of course!

The 'New' Shampoo Bar is actually the second solid shampoo I've tried from Lush.

I was drawn to its bright ruby colouring and its deliciously rich cinnamon scent. It promised to promote healthy, shiny hair with its stimulating ingredients of cinnamon, peppermint, clove, rosemary and nettle.

What I love about using a solid shampoo is the fact that you can really massage your head with it. You can either foam it up in your hands and use it like you would an 'ordinary' shampoo, or just rub the bar directly onto your scalp. I do the latter because I personally prefer the way it feels.

Another fantastic perk that comes with using one of these bars is that they last a lot longer than a bottle would, especially if you invest in one of the Lush storage tins. When my friend told me about this little fact, I was very intrigued to see if it would survive my notoriously thick hair (spoiler: it did!).

According to the Lush website - they do the job of three 250g bottles of liquid shampoo.

The only thing I would reiterate is the fact that you really do need to buy a tin when you purchase one of these. My bathroom gets pretty steamy (tut, not like that!) and it did mean that the bar disintegrated a lot faster. Now, I have invested in a tin (they are around £2.50) I don't find that this is a problem.

Having a tin to hand, makes it a lot easier to travel with too. I frequently visit my parents and my boyfriend who both live in different places, so stuff being easily portable is a must for me.

I also love the way that New makes my hair feel. It has given it a glorious shine that I've received lots of compliments about.

Overall, I am definitely going to continue using Solid Shampoo Bars. I have just started to use the Honey I Washed My Hair bar and can't wait to see the results.

Have you tried solid shampoo? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter