New Year's Resolution Guilt


At the moment, I feel like the only one who hasn't got their shit together in time for 2018. I haven't seriously thought about my goals, filled out my calendar or planned much for the year ahead. I spent the festive period spending time with loved ones, eating cheese and drinking wine. Which is all well and good until you see the reams of 'New Year New Me' posts on your newsfeed...

I have now developed a sort of 'New Year guilt' where I am anxious to set goals but also very busy with life itself. For example, doing my actual job, catching up on washing and taking down the Christmas tree. Is anyone else feeling the same?

I've decided to take this week to catch up on actual life stuff and then set myself some goals this weekend when I have time.

Basically, I'm starting the New Year a week late... hands up if you're with me!