The Beefeater, Hull Review

The Beefeater in Kingswood, Hull offers hearty, consciously-sourced scran in a bright, vivid setting.

Quirky wall art.

Quirky wall art.

Established in 1974 in Enfield, London, the food chain promises carefully-sourced grub from farms that meet rigorous welfare standards. Each bite is traced every step of the way from farm-to-fork.

As you walk in and wait at the front desk to be shown to your table, you're greeted with a cosy and fresh welcome that is inviting, yet modern.

The vibrant colours mesh well with industrial fixtures and natural wooden tables, allowing you to feel at home right away.


Anyway, let's talk about the actual food.

To start, we ordered the Garlic Flatbread Strips and Loaded Potato Dippers to share. And, they were possibly my favourite part of the whole meal.

The garlic bread was possibly enough to feed around four mouths, but we managed to much our way through it.

Huge tear and share strips with warm, melty garlic butter for dipping - what's not to love?


Meanwhile, I've never quite had something like the potato dippers. These crunchy morsels of tate were somewhere between a crisp and a chip and absolutely delicious.

What I loved about most them is, usually, these type of dishes are smothered in some sort of sauce or salsa. These had the option of dips and you could choose from different topics. We chose the spring onion, cheese and back bacon, which I thought was pretty different topping to what you may normally get.


We were struggling to decide on main courses as there's so much choice. I fancied something fairly plain, so opted for a simple 8oz Sirloin and chips. When I'm out to eat, I like to choose something that I usually wouldn't have at home and a steak is definatley a treat.


Aaron went for a Double Bacon and Cheese Steak Beef Burger.

Again, we were both thoroughly impressed by our choices. The steak was cooked just as I like it and came with a side of tasty chips and a large mushroom - yum!

In the meantime, Aaron had to cut his burger in half just to be able to tackle it - it was huge!


When you're reviewing a place, it'd be rude not to have a sneaky peak at the dessert menu, right? You know, to get a true feel for the place...

We did more than just peak, of course. Aaron ordered a Mississippi Mud Pie and I chose the Cookie Dough Sundae.

My vanilla icecream was layed in between cookie dough chocolate brownie chunks - truly devine. I even had a cheeky nibble of the pie and I would certainly recommend you do too. It was like a slice of heaven in your mouth.


Throughout the whole meal, the staff were friendly, accommodating and attentive. I also liked the fact that they weren't too overbearing. Some restaurants ask you several times that the meal is okay, or just quickly ask you so that they can take your sauces or table number - i.e. it's a process, rather than them genuinely caring.

At the Beefeater, I felt like they genuinely cared if there were any problems. Luckily, there weren't any complaints from us, anyway!

I did see a couple of other tables struggle to attract their attention, but the place was fairly busy and we're all human, right? I think, if you've ever worked in retail or the catering industry, you have more than an ounce of sympathy for those who have to work on a Sunday. 


This was the first time in five years of being together that Aaron and I have enjoyed a three-course meal together. So, thank you Beefeater.

*I kindly recieved the meal in compensation for my work, however, as always, all opinions remain my own.