February Has Flown By


Whilst January dragged, if you blinked, you may have missed February. Still, I did somehow manage to cram a lot of stuff into this month. Here's what I got up to. 


This month has been another busy one with work, with many of my evenings and some weekends filled with content writing and social media planning for clients. Hence why I’ve been a little quiet on my own channels.

It’s all good though, of course, I’d rather have plenty to do than be bored (and skint).


Although I have been keeping up with a regular exercise routine, I have also been keeping up with a regular snacking routine too. By god did I eat this month. After dieting a little bit too much before my holiday, I thought ‘fuck it’ and decided to eat all the pastries, drink all the wine and have cheese and biscuits every day I was away. Truly stuffed!


For the first time in years, I have started to read for pleasure. That’s right! It’s probably natural for many, but I very very rarely sit down with a book - partly because it still gives me nightmares of having to read piles of literature at university.

This month, I’ve been reading (and I’ve almost finished) The Power by Naomi Alderman. An incredible read, it’s just the right size to get back into reading. Plus, her writing style makes you excited to turn every page.  


The previous two points were thanks to my recent trip to the Canary Islands with my mother. It was just lovely to take a break, recharge my batteries and enjoy walking, reading and, yes, drinking - ha.

How has your February been? What are you looking forward to most in March?